United Kingdom of Style - DEAR CHRISTOPH WALTZ —
Dear Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz has two Academy Awards and
a singular gift for infusing even the scariest villains
with a cool charisma.
Interview: Andrey Kovalev
Photo: Maxi Shilov
Styling: Sasha Gutieruex

The Vienna-born Waltz, 58, made a meal out of every word, turning malapropisms like "That's a bingo!" into scary, T-shirt-ready catchphrases. And in Django Unchained, his Dr. King Schultz was perhaps the most likable bounty hunter you'll ever meet. Waltz, who, along with his second wife, Judith Holste, splits his time between Berlin, London, and Los Angeles, applies his easy wit to a conversation about his own artistic credentials, monogamy, and, yes, Quentin Tarantino's sexual proclivities. That's a bingo!

Would you share an embarrassing story from your childhood involving a woman?

There was an incident with a nurse in the hospital when I had my appendix removed at age six. I did not perceive it as embarrassing then, but now I would be in despair. You know what I mean. But I have fond memories of her. Let's put it that way.

Did you ever have a crush on a famous actress?

Yes, absolutely. Liza Minnelli.


No, listen, listen—when I saw Cabaret, I was completely smitten. The whole approachable quirkiness was not overcultivated at that time. Also, Lauren Bacall.

Is an Oscar statue an aphrodisiac?

For me, it isn't. Thank God. I dare say the person who regards an Oscar as an aphrodisiac, I would not necessarily like to get involved with on a romantic level.

Quentin Tarantino loves obscure movies. Did he introduce you to any great, lost romantic comedies?

I'm not one hundred percent sure that this is Quentin's forte. Then again, romanticism is different depending on your experience. What you might find romantic, I might find utterly banal. Quentin perceives things as romantic that I might have overlooked. Thanks for helping me out. For him, that might be romantic. It isn't necessarily for me. It depends on the toe, a little bit.

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Is there a romantic comedy you enjoy?

The Philadelphia Story is one of my favorite movies. Cary Grant is really the master of not taking himself so seriously. And I don't think I've ever seen a more elegant person while doing that. Maybe true elegance is always something on the verge of negligence but still held together by a spirit.

You remarried to a well-respected German costume designer. I'm guessing you believe in the institution?

Not necessarily. But I believe that it's not nothing. Overall, I think it could be abolished as an institution. But there are aspects that make sense, and I don't think it has a lot to do with romance and love. That's a different realm altogether, in my understanding.


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